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Qvemos Live

Black Women, Work and Money

Originally aired April 13, 2022
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The pandemic, a racial reckoning and the great resignation have disrupted and redefined the workplace, and upended our relationships with work. It’s time for a conversation on Black women, work and money.

It’s a new world we’re emerging into, and Black women are finding and demanding a new normal in the workplace. They’re prioritizing their personal and financial security, and insisting that we not return to the way things were.

This conversation will unpack what’s been pinging in Black women’s group chats across the country for the last 2+ years — and offer empowerment and constructive solutions for a new workplace future.


Tiffany Dufu
Founder and CEO of The Cru
Minda Harts
Author, Right Within: How to Heal From Racial Trauma in the Workplace
Errin Haines
Editor-at-Large, Qvemos

Tiffany Dufu (@TDufu) is Founder and CEO of The Cru, a peer coaching platform for women looking to accelerate their professional and personal growth and author of the book, Drop The Ball: Achieving More By Doing Less

Minda Harts (@MindaHarts) is an equity advocate, podcaster and the author of Right Within: How to Heal From Racial Trauma in the Workplace.

Errin Haines (@EMarvelous) is the Editor-at-Large for Qvemos.